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The Second of Two Articles –

In the first article I briefly discussed some core factors around practice based organizations and introduced the first four key benefits of such organizations. Four other benefits are valuable, especially when considering some of the challenges seen in Organizational Design (OD) for larger organizations …


The First of Two Articles - Matrix management is not uncommon in larger organizations. Most of us have experienced its negative use - namely confused accountability and frequent moving of people from project to project resulting from poor management planning. Practice based organizations employ matrix management, yet the key focus leads mostly to improving the quality and capability of project teams. ...


It seems so simple, but in my experience the #1 reason why groups do not advance or improve is because the environment that a company’s leaders create does not foster a culture of improvement. Next to the issues of recruiting talent and discerning what an organization really needs to focus on to achieve its goals, the lack of the following five substances impedes team improvement for which the ultimate benefactor is the organization itself …


Can BMW Create the Next E30 M3?

For the last twelve years, I have been the titular shepherd of the BMW E30 M3 Special Interest Group (SIG). The E30 M3 was the winningest car in the history of Touring Car racing. This incredibly unique car was conjured up in 1985 by then BMW M czar Paul Rosche and a team of crack engineers. It is the Shelby Cobra of BMW’s history. With the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe being touted as the next E30 M3, current BMW E30 M3 owners are wondering if a like car can be created today. What does it take for this to be possible?


While any computer scientist would quickly agree to the benefits of representing financial terms as a software program, lawyers having seen the value of such an idea at the SEC deserves kudos. A new SEC proposal calls for Asset Back Securities (ABS) registration in EDGAR to include data in XML markup with the waterfall model implemented as Python code. This is a great idea for transparency. It also raises several questions about the efficacy of specifying a language and embedding the model within that language.

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