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Agile Things That Go Bump in the Night …

I am often asked, “What is Agile?” The word is used a variety of ways, often to denote specific activities teams use to develop software. Agile is actually a philosophy for which there are a variety of practices that often reflect that philosophy. While this can be discussed in a purely intellectual or academic fashion, I prefer to “let the work teach you.”

Steve Didn`t Know Mediocrity

Undoubtedly Steve Jobs is inked into history with the greats – Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin and other inventors. But just as much, he also successfully turned around two major businesses and built two from the ground up, which is overshadowed by his product brilliance. How did he do both – he lived his own life and was not afraid of what he believed.

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Filippo has the rare combination of technical expertise and mature personal interaction, along with a deep understanding of process and organizational issues. This makes him ideally suited for CTO or VP Engineering roles. His entrepreneurial spirit and creativity combined with...

~ Bob Wise
Chief Innovation Officer, MTN Satellite Communications

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