Corporate Turnaround

For organizations striving to change direction - from strategy to execution - or accelerate their advancement toward corporate goals.

Let us not confuse the mountain of change management tools and buzzwords with an ability to drive change. Many people work within the turnaround space but few have a demonstrated track record of successful change. We can share our experiences – successes and failures – involving organizational change. We have worked with teams as small as 6-8 as well as organizations in the 100 to 500 employee range.

Determining the compelling reasons for a turnaround is critical, not only to set direction but even more importantly to find those within the organization compelled to drive to the new goals.

With the corporate goals and objectives determined, we focus on finding early adopters. Change can occur when significant external factors are tied to motivating factors for people, both bottom up and top down.

Our experience, having worked alongside a number of leading improvement and turnaround experts, has taught us that deep commitment and a willingness to get in the details is the only method to effect significant change.

Detail services

Turnaround situations are always unique. We provide extensive support tailored to your company’s specific priorities. We have a broad network of experts which can be brought to bear, as needed.

  • Turnaround strategy development and executive support.
  • Corporate and team assessments to determine most effective and impactful entry points to drive change.
  • Strategic planning and tactical implementation methods.
  • Leadership and team coaching / training.
  • Highly iterative techniques, increased transparency, risk segmentation and change monitoring.


The Turnaround Challenge

Studies in process improvement have clearly shown that leadership is often the first stumbling block to corporate or team turnarounds. The organizations which remake themselves are ones where the leaders remake themselves and their organization by example. Our experience shows that highly compelling goals or challenges must exist for companies to successfully transform.

Core Transformation Strategy

Work with the willing and the needy. Change is a human chess game. One needs to find early adopters that will stick with finding new ways that ultimately become better ways to meet compelling business objectives. Time spent convincing the dubious is time wasted – they will become believers (and the most ardent believers) once they observe success demonstrated by their peers and adopt what they now seen provides value.