Peer ExecSM

For executives challenged with too many priority one's and a need for a work peer to engage in problem solving, strategic reflection, and action planning.

Executive support has traditionally been through an executive assistant or lieutenant. One can only delegate lower level priorities to subordinate roles.

Peer ExecSM provides peer level partnership fueling ideation, developing actionable strategies, driving key decisions, and resolving critical issues.

A seasoned and objective perspective deeply tied to the executive’s mission – a third hand. A partner with equivalent but complementary capability that can resolve strategic challenges and work tactical issues.

We tackle business growth, turnaround strategy, new product and service offerings, customer development, organizational restructuring, keyman issues including hiring, negotiation, technology operations, enterprise and product architecture.

Often the issues are sticky and require new perspective to create palatable solutions.


Detail services

Structured in 3 month or 6 month engagements with weekly interchange, activities are highly tuned to the executive’s (and business) needs and includes, strategy, planning, problem solving, research, and business coaching.

  • Eight hours per week of peer engagement, spread throughout each week, provides high impact direction alignment and advancement support.
  • Based on two-in-the-box management strategy developed at Intel by Andy Grove and used at other companies such as Dell.
  • Peer ExecSM provides necessary augmentation to executives who have too many priority one challenges on their plate.


What`s Your Week With Peer ExecSM Look Like?

Tuesday Breakfast, Vienna Inn: We meet at 7:30am; you’re having some difficult negotiation issues with a key customer that is not holding up their end of the deal. We delve into a few approaches to engage and hopefully align the customer without significantly risking the relationship. We continue a discussion from last week on edging out an existing service to a new potential market; I provide some updates on what my research has been discovering. I ask if you’re teed up for the Sockeye Salmon fishing trip in Alaska, as we’re coming up on August and they run the Russian River during this time. You’ve planned the trip but thank me for reminding you to pull the trigger; you want the break time but sense you’ve got lots of work to do.

Wednesday 2:57pm: You call to discuss a meeting with a corporate CIO, “read the tea leaves” and determine what the best next steps would be to continue developing the relationship for a potential support engagement.

Thursday morning: I send you an e-mail outlining a specific set of recommendations on the service edge out I’d researched earlier in the week, along with a business model canvas. I quickly mention another thought about your discussion with the CIO.

You send an e-mail reply Friday morning acknowledging yesterday’s note and asking me to follow up with your VP of Sales on the service strategy recommendations. You’re still trying to sort out how to play the CIO and his business opportunity; you ask if we can meet Monday morning for 2 hours in your office to come up with a strategy for closing the CIO. This past week was really frazzled and you also want to talk about how to get a handle on all the loose strings that are pulling you in too many directions. I send a smiley face back – you got it!