~ Catherine Thomas
President & CEO, Kinetix Technology, Inc.

Having run a technology organization, a sales organization and currently leading a successful IT Professional services company provides me insight to those few people with the unique skills to make technology organizations hum. Filippo is undoubtedly on that short list. Having worked with Filippo to source everything from agile lead developers, Director/VP leadership teams and architects, to purple squirrels , I can unequivocally state that his ability to read personalities and how they will assimilate into teams is nothing short of uncanny.

Filippo’s communication is superb, speaking deeply with technologist and deftly with clients and business partners. Every technologist who has met Filippo on interviews in the past four years has returned enthusiastically wanting to work with and for him. Clearly he has the secret sauce – making Filippo a game changer for any organization fortunate enough to have him.

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