We're often asked how we began on the path to helping other businesses succeed, as well as what our engagement functions look like.

Why Coincident?

We have a track record of delivering results quickly. When clients come to us they are pursuing a significant goal or have a critical concern where they can not afford to continue on the current path. Our broad and deep multi disciplinary experience allows us to provide compelling and actionable guidance and knowledge resulting in a near immediate impact to progress.

Why the name, "coincident?"

We believe success comes from the art of combining the science of many disciplines.

How was Coincident started?

For many years people came to Filippo for advise, perspective and assistance in tackling challenging issues in their businesses and careers. Coincident was borne from client demand, which is one of the best ways to validate clients’ value.

I`m running a business as the sole leader. Can you help?

Yes. Often smaller businesses have leaders which suffer two issues – not enough help of their caliber to move initiatives forward, and the insanity of having no one to vet out their ideas and challenges. We provide that support through Peer ExecSM.

How can I determine if you can provide what we need?

We typically suggest an initial phone call and, for Washington area clients, an in person meeting. Potential clients often quickly conclude if we’re the right fit. Furthermore, if we are not confident in being able to provide significant value, we will explain why and possibly suggest a more appropriate reference.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

If we can’t stand behind our services, then how can we expect you to believe in us? We offer a 30-day money back guarantee in the first month. No questions asked.

How do you work with us?

Nothing trumps face to face engagements. Once a rapport is established, we will also work with you via phone, email, Skype, WebEx and cloud based solutions such as Google Docs. We frequently perform research and produce product for our clients from our own office.

Once you are working with us how do we disengage?

A good consultant is one that teaches to fish. Except in the Peer ExecSM service which can provide longer term augmentation support, our goal is to make a strategic impact and quickly have our clients achieve tactical and meaningful progress on their own. We can provide periodic, followup engagements after an initiative has advanced or significantly changed.

What about phone and email support?

Our clients’ livelihood is our greatest passion. It’s why we do what we do. Once you become a client, we provide email and phone support for spot dialogs on prior engagements or new challenges.

Can you help us find other service providers to assist with our initiative?

Yes. We have a significant network of professional colleagues ranging from marketing, graphics, social media, hiring and contracting, project management, web and software development.

What about help with personnel hiring and team evaluations?

The right team makes or breaks the potential success of any pursuit. Just ask any VC worth their salt. We have a significant track record of hiring key individuals and building or refactoring both teams and organizations. As well we have a significant professional network and relationships with highly effective recruiting firms.

What does it cost to receive your services?

Our product offerings and PeerExec service are fixed price. Other engagements are determined on a daily rate basis. Our fee structure is designed to focus on maximizing client value and is extremely cost competitive for strategy consulting. Contact us to discuss engagement fees.

How do you invoice services?

All invoices are NET 30. Short engagements are invoiced in advance. Multiple month engagements are proportionally billed at the beginning of each month for that month’s projected services. Additional agreed upon services are billed on the following month’s invoice.