From time to time we receive an accolade from our clients and peers. We’re thankful for the recognition and look forward to building more positive experiences with our clients.

Filippo has the rare combination of technical expertise and mature personal interaction, along with a deep understanding of process and organizational issues. This makes him ideally suited for CTO or VP Engineering roles.

His entrepreneurial spirit and creativity combined with his other traits make him the competent “wearer of many hats” that many organizations so badly need.

Filippo Morelli is one of the most creative individuals I have had the pleasure to work with over the past 35 years. He created and has maintained several incredibly active online enthusiast communities that have enhanced membership in the organization and offered forums for the exchange of ideas and technical information that have helped thousands of participants since 1995.

Filippo is one of the best minds in the business of software and information technology. I’ve watched him work and have witnessed the impact he made within 2 very different organizations in terms of size and business model.

He understands how build and grow organizations by finding the right talent, challenging everyone around him, and drive continuous improvement across the organization.

14bf6ffWow, a long time ago a superstar IT Guru referred me to Filippo with highest praise… and for very good reason. He is beloved by his teams and his higher ups, and everyone in between. His keen enthusiasm for work (yes, it should be fun!); his genuine interest in people and making sure they are both happy and productive; and his overall charisma makes him a natural to lead the highest echelon companies with creme de la creme talent (which will follow him wherever he goes).

I had the opportunity to work closely with Filippo while I was engaged as an organizational development consultant. Filippo played a major role in the evolution of the development organization, working closely with the SVP of Software Development to create the team structure, align effort with department priorities, and cultivate the in-house talent necessary to serve the strategic objectives of the company.

Filippo is a seasoned, thoughtful professional with deep experience both in business and technology. He successfully operates both at the senior, strategic levels of the business and with the troops at ground level and knows what it takes to build successful organizations.

Filippo is one of those big-brain guys who bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to seemingly every conceivable situation. His unique blend of business understanding and technical knowledge make him a valuable asset to any company.

Having run a technology organization, a sales organization and currently leading a successful IT Professional services company provides me insight to those few people with the unique skills to make technology organizations hum. Filippo is undoubtedly on that short list. Having worked with Filippo to source everything from agile lead developers, Director/VP leadership teams and architects, to purple squirrels , I can unequivocally state that his ability to read personalities and how they will assimilate into teams is nothing short of uncanny.

Filippo’s communication is superb, speaking deeply with technologist and deftly with clients and business partners. Every technologist who has met Filippo on interviews in the past four years has returned enthusiastically wanting to work with and for him. Clearly he has the secret sauce – making Filippo a game changer for any organization fortunate enough to have him.

I had the opportunity to work with Filippo where he wore a number of hats. Perhaps the most important was as trusted advisor to key technology executives Filippo has a keen eye for detail yet is pragmatic in his approach to problem-solving. He has an excellent sense of humor that makes him approachable, an important trait when ferreting out organizational problems.

Filippo is an extremely experienced software and management “jack of all trades” with strong abilities in relating to both technical and customer organizations. He is a strong mentor and peer adviser, getting the job done with a minimum of fuss and extremely high quality results. He is very personable, quick on his feet and well experienced in managing political, business, and technical needs, outcomes and requirements at multiple levels in an organization.

Filippo has a rare combination of a top-notch technologist and excellent manager. His innate drive to understand core drivers leads to a thoughtful decision-making process that takes into account the complex and varied needs of today’s technology organizations. His personality and style of interaction inspire the confidence of those who report to him, the cooperation of his peers, and the support of senior executives.

Filippos tremendous insight results in hires which powerfully impact the organization. His insight to technical skills, personal attributes and career development goals equate to the best match for the organization and employee, empower the candiate, and the organization to accomplish excellent results.

Filippo is a game changer whose work in recruiting and organizational development is most impressive.

I worked with Filippo for more than 15 years across 3 different companies. He is excellent at whatever he does, whether management or technical.

Filippo’s drive and passion are unparalleled and he makes a real impact to the organization. If he takes on a task, it will be done right and it will be done well.

Filippo is one of the best talented, canny & trustworthy practitioners in this wide expanse we call IT that it has be my pleasure & privilege to know and work with. I have *no* doubt that – if he accepts your proffers, he will be incredibly helpful. (and if he declines them, well – by inspection, you’re probably toast.)

Filippo brings a passion to his job that is rare to find today. His attention to detail and ability to bring out the best in his co-workers is a quality that benefits the team as a whole, and the individuals he comes in contact with.

His wide range of skills (be it technical, interpersonal, managerial, etc.) enable him to relate in successful manner with everyone. As a result, Filippo’s insights and decision making process most often result in a positive outcome.

Filippo is supremely talented; in technology domains as well as team and management issues. It is and has been a pleasure working with him, and I heartily endorse him to any organization considering someone of his caliber.