Our core services are focused on providing business leaders executive leverage, accelerating corporate product and service goals and executing corporate turnarounds.

Our services are based on our direct business experience and reflect what professional colleagues have sought from us. We believe in eating our own cooking – that is, we provide advise from our direct experiences and expertise. We do not to confuse intelligent ideas with thoughtful first-hand experiences.

Another philosophy we follow — we are accountable for delivering results, not just making recommendations. Providing advice for others to implement, then leaving, guarantees that we learn nothing. If we are learning nothing, then from what basis are we helping others? There is no such thing as an expert that has nothing to learn – we call those fools.

Too curious to just take the money and run – we aspire to bring our methods and expertise to bear on your goals and jointly learn from the experience. We engage deeply with you and your company. Helping you get where you want to go, while learning something through the experience which we hope to pass along to the next client.

Peer ExecSM

For executives challenged with too many priority one’s and a need for a work peer to engage in problem solving, strategic reflection and action planning.

Executive support has traditionally been through an executive assistant or lieutenant. These are roles where one can delegate lower level priorities. Peer ExecSM provides peer level support, where strategy can be developed, key decisions can be made and critical issues can be addressed.

Product PeerSM

Often companies pursue edge out opportunities – the ability to offer a new product or service which is the result of existing market or product expertise.

Through Product PeerSM we bring expertise applying iterative product and services development, coupled with customer and market validation experience.

Interim CXO

Periodically businesses incur a leadership gap. We provide Interim CXO services to tactically address immediate issues and strategically solve the leadership gap for the long term. Whether a large company having lost a keyman or a smaller company that needs to leverage executive leadership to help fuel growth, we can provide immediate assistance as well as plan the long term solution.

Corporate Turnaround

Let us not confuse the mountain of change management tools and buzzwords with an ability to drive change. Many people work within the turnaround space but few have a successful track record of demonstrated change. We will share our experiences – successes and failures – involving affecting organizational change. We have worked directly with teams as small as 6-8 as well as organizations in the 100 to 500 employee range.