Privacy Policy & Caveats

Protecting and caring for our clients is our #1 priority. We take the utmost care in ensuring client sensitive information remains private.

Privacy Policy


Web Site

We receive and store information which has been specifically provided by visitors. Information is maintained and used only for the specific purpose to which the information was provided.

  • Visitor blog comments are published on the web site. We may choose not to publish a comment or remove a comment.
  • E-mail and contact inquiries capture name, e-mail address and other information provided by the sender’s choice. Such information will be used to address the inquiry or follow up with additional information should we deem the follow up contact relevant to the original inquiry.
  • Visitor contact information is only provided to third parties when providing services specifically requested by the visitor.

Anonymous web traffic information may be collected while you visit the site, including IP address and page visits. This information is not directly associated to visitors and is not released to 3rd parties.


We take great care in protecting sensitive client information. Any sensitive information shared through an engagement with us is protected through a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement. Such an agreement is a standard part of our Professional Services Agreement or can be provided for any a priori dialog.

  • Client contact information is only provided to third parties when providing services specifically requested by the client.
  • We may use our experiences with specific client scenarios for the purpose of teaching, publishing and communication. All such information is anonymized with confidential information redacted.
  • Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, we maintain the right to publicly reference our client list, which may include referencing the company name and web site URL. We may also provide a brief description of the client. At no time will sensitive information be incorporated with the reference.

We take our clients information security and privacy seriously. Should a client have any concerns or special needs beyond our standard privacy policy, please contact us so we can discuss how best to protect a specific circumstance.



Our web presence provides information for a broad set of readers – from prospective and existing clients to those just passing through. We’d like to add a few caveats to the information herein.

Attribution and Origination

Most everything we write is gleaned from our experiences, professional and otherwise. Our content is hardly comprised of 100% original ideas – in fact many of them are culled from our experiences with others. Some of our techniques and perspectives are original – tread at your own risk. With that said, consider us a curator of relevant experiences, techniques and tactics that we’ve not only found to work, but have actually put to use in our successes.

Does this stuff actually work?

Ideas are useless without people that believe in them and focus significant energy toward leveraging them. We have had good success with our approaches – these are the ones that have consistently succeeded. We know how and why they work for us and for others. We are not a large consultancy of MBA’s – those taught that the business of building tanks or toasters is all the same. Will our stuff work for you or your organization? That depends on your business’ circumstance, your outlook and possibly your willingness to learn a few new tricks. Obviously we can’t guarantee success. We can guarantee that not trying leads, at best, to being in the same situation you are today.

We have too much work to spend time learning.

If you can not correlate learning and getting wiser, faster, better as the key to more sanity, more revenue and more opportunity then likely we can not help you. Our methods are focused on asking questions every day, understanding how all things come together to make companies work and relentless pressing for improvement. After all we want to Create. Evolve. Succeed.