Three ingredients are coincident for success. We focus on energizing people and synergizing teams to pursue these three facets.

Why These Three Cornerstones?

Our experience has taught us that productivity has been oversold and that measurement has become a false panacea. Frequently, initiatives embark as large monolith projects with real customer feedback far too late in the evolutionary process.

By helping organizations move to a more effective approach, where learning is at the core and the iterative process of progressive revelation is employed, we always find more rapid validation and greater opportunity to adjust more frequently and less painfully. This philosophy of continuous improvement reduces risk while significantly increasing probability of success.

Work as a Learning Environment

In an intellectually based pursuit, productivity is actually a side effect of learning. Intellectual capital is both a knowledge acquisition and application activity. Success is achieved by the unyielding pursuit of knowledge and its application.

Focus on learning first and let productivity be its reward.

Progressive Revelation

A process of incremental discovery whereby one can only determine the next step to take from the vantage point of the current step. Progressive revelation closely follows the principles used by scientists to perform research. Through a series of hypothesis and tests, theories are incrementally proven or disproven.

Cycle Time Reduction

The time required to test and validate an assumption is measured by cycle time. Focusing on methods which reduce the time from idea to validation, increasing velocity toward an effective market play.