Progressive Revelation

A process of incremental discovery whereby one can only determine the next step to take from the vantage point of the current step.

Why does this happen?

  • Entrepreneurs often believe a significantly established value proposition is necessary to create a sale.
  • Focused on developing a product or service, entrepreneurs can miss that emergent ideas are really a customer development activity as much as a product or service development activity.

The Above scenario should be known as, "The Big Bang Theory of Product & Service Development."

Its Downfalls …

  • Many $$$ are invested in the big idea prior to any validation.
  • Much time is invested in the big idea prior to any validation.
  • Valuable time is lost to discovering actual customers and refining product or service offerings to compel sales.

Why progressively evolve toward the value proposition?

  1. Segment risk in smaller chunks – commit less $$$ and time to validate ideas.
  2. Increase opportunities to discover customers and validate core aspects of value proposition.